Couple Tracker – Mobile Monitor App

A new app was released recently which enables couples to be able to view each other’s call logs, text messages, Facebook messages and track GPS locations. ‘Couple Tracker-Mobile Monitor’ works by both of you installing the app and connecting with the account in order for the data to sync.

While I personally wouldn’t use the app, I think the idea of it is good as both parties would need to consent to using it, and it cannot just be used on one and not the other; both would have to consent to the other being able to view each other’s call logs and messages etc.

‘Tracking’ is quite an apparent norm nowadays, with Oyster and Contactless cards now being the only form of payment on buses, micro chipping pets in case they get lost and tracking boxes on cars for lower insurance premiums.

Technology has lead the way for apps such as these to be created and highlights the powerful force that is technology.

Would you use this app for your relationship?