Smart Fashion: Where technology and fashion unite

It’s not just designers that are combining fashion and technology, but brick and mortar businesses are also looking into this cross industry. Retailers are beginning to incorporate technology into their stores, for example, C&A display their apparel on clothes hangers that feature small screens. The screens display a number which is the total likes voted by the general public from C&A’s online platform, this scheme enables shoppers to see what consumers like best. This strategy not only amalgamates in-store with on-line, but it is also an excellent form of social interaction.

Technology is also transitioning to wearable fashion, meaning that fashion categories such as accessories feature built-in high-tech devices. Wearable and fashionable technology is trending so much, that it has prompted electronic developer CSR, with the help of jeweller Cellini, to launch a range of Bluetooth jewellery. Their range included a pendant with a LED light that flashes different colours to make the wearer aware of notifications received on their smartphone.

These innovations show how technology is capable of pushing boundaries and creating new interesting concepts. Traditionalists may argue that technology is slowly manipulating our lives, however, whether people like it or not, industries are continuously subjected to advancements and responding to these developments is the only way forward.