Your essential accessories for Autumn 2014

Even though it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer, most of us still braved the weather and rocked our shorts and floral headbands these holidays. But, as the nights get colder and the skies stay permanently grey, we have to start (albeit begrudgingly) hunting for some autumn accessories to fill our wardrobes.

Personally, I love autumn – season of baggy jumpers and fluffy socks – and the accessorising is the best bit. Learn to love your scarves and hats, and pretty soon the cold weather will become its own accessory to your autumn style.



So far this year we’ve seen the rise of the floppy brimmed felt hat, which are super cute but wholly impractical in the wind and rain. The classic knit beanie is going to make its come back in a big way this autumn, with more colours than just black or grey. Opt for something in a pastel shade, so you’re still channelling sunshine while keeping warm. This embellished one from River Island will bling up your look, even if you are wrapped up in knitwear.