Laser cutting in fashion

Laser Cutting in Fashion

When you think of laser cutting you would usually think metal, industrial manufacturing and most probably even more metal, however laser cutting is now fast becoming popular within the fashion industry, highlighting the importance of technology within the fashion world.

Laser cutting enables precision and detail for some of the most complicated patterns that the human hand wouldn’t be able to achieve. It works by having a laser burn through the fabric creating a highly accurate finish. Depending on the level the cutter is set to this can cut straight through (vector), emboss or engrave (raster) the fabric.

Designers including Alice Temperley and John Rocha displayed the use of laser cutting in their designs at London Fashion Week 14’ with elegant, romantic and sensual creations. It is also great for people who want a lace effect without having to use lace, as laser cutting looks great on fabrics ranging from leather to voile.

It is fascinating to see how technology has cemented its place within fashion, not only on the catwalk but also in schools. Secondary schools in the UK have now introduced STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as part of the Design & Technology curriculum, which reaffirms the link between fashion and technology and how the two complement each other.