Orange is the New Black – Season 2

Even though Season 2 has just arrived I’m sure most of us have already finished binge watching the highly anticipated return of the Netflix sensation that is Orange is the New Black, which is already growing such a huge fan base since it premiered on Netflix on July 11th 2013. If you haven’t yet finished the dramatic new season, don’t worry I wont go into detailed spoilers. That’s what Tumblr is for. If your like me and watched the whole 13 part series in the space of a week you’ll agree it isn’t the best way to watch a TV show you enjoy, but the idea of unlimited access to your favourite TV show is too tempting not to say no to. It could even be considered not real TV because its not fully on are timetable. Netflix is basically like a waiter placing a bill on your table and saying “Whenever your ready”.


If you haven’t seen the hit series yet I recommend you stop what your doing ask for your friends Netflix account and watch from start to finish. Season 1 was focused around Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling ) and her time in Litchfield State Prison. A decade ago Piper carried drug money from Bali over state lines in a episode of delusional, smitten recklessness. Since, she’s got engaged with husband Larry (Jason Biggs) living in Brooklyn launching a career with best friend Polly Harper (Maria Dizzia) making artisanal soap until someone ratted Piper out. She was convicted and sent to a women’s prison in New York. While there Piper learns how to survive in prison also while running into her ex girlfriend and “business partner” Alex Vause.