Local Fashion

To what extent does the place we are from affect the way we dress? We all have our individual styles; mine being reasonably minimal and monochrome in excess, but why is everybody around me wearing cheap leggings and “the same as everyone else?”

Parisians seem to adopt a “less is more” approach to dressing, with the undone hair, minimal makeup and capsule wardrobe being commonly adopted. Whereas most of us have the attitude to own 10 pairs of high-street jeans, each costing around £50 a pair, the French are more likely to own one Saint Lauren pair, worn to a beautiful death.  Upon buying a little black Roberto Cavalli dress, people repeatedly asked me why I would spend so much on one thing when I could get 10 from Topshop for the same price… Ignoring the urge to say “It’s none of your business,” I immediately thought would I get the same reaction to buying such an investment piece if I came from another town?

PICTURE BY Gustavo Devito

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